Release Procedures

Steps necessary for an uneventful release of YamJam.

Full Release

  1. Merge in outstanding Pull requests
  2. Ensure test suite pass /
Build Status
  1. run –dry-run and ensure all looks well
  2. run and make sure to push any outstanding commits to master
  3. create a new empty environment and pip install /localpath/yamjam-x.y.z.gz
  4. copy to the environment created in previous step and run it
  5. upload package to pypi, twine upload sdist/*
  6. verify new dist is available on pypi
  7. Be Happy

Build Dist Only

python sdist

Install and test dist locally

  1. Build Dist Only
  2. Create clean environment
  3. install local dist file in clean environment
pip install /localpath/to/dist/yamjam-x.y.z.gz
  1. copy to clean environment and run it
  2. remove testing environment