Change Log



  • Deprecate and remove mergeDicts



  • DeprecationWarning for mergeDicts


In Progress..

  • refactored code from module file to a proper package layout
  • reimplement mergeDicts as merge_dicts
    • PendingDeprecationWarning for mergeDicts function
    • added tests for PendingDep warning and refactored existing tests to use merge_dicts
    • expanded test suite
  • pep8 clean up of code
  • add Change Log to documentation
  • created a linting tool for config file, yjlint
  • moved to yaml.safe_load, added option to allow old style, safe=False


Current Release (released Apr 2014)

  • migrated from to bitbucket
  • set up continuous integration
    • tox
  • implemented testing
    • py.test
    • tested explicitly on python 27, 32, 33, 34
    • anecdotally believed to run without issue on python 26
  • wrote documentation, hosted on
  • started using twine to upload to pypi

v0.1.3 - v0.1.5

Did battle with long_description and pypi


Previous Version (released Oct 2009)

  • code hosted on
  • package hosted on
  • supported current python 26

v0.1.0 - v.0.1.1

(released Mar 2009)

  • alpha-1 and alpha-2 releases